Jim Cochrane

  • Jim Cochrane: USPS grows business through better marketing

    The Postal Service has always delivered the mail, always will. But in recent years it’s grown its package business enormously. Mainly to survive. Jim Cochrane, chief marketing and sales officer, and the former chief information officer, at USPS, tells Federal Drive with Tom Temin how marketing has become a core postal function.

  • Jim Cochrane, Chief Information Officer, U.S. Postal Service

    Nearly 250,000 letter carriers will get handheld devices that let them track packages in real time. It’s part of a major technology upgrade at the Postal Service that the agency hopes will give it an edge over competitors like UPS and FedEx. Chief Information Officer Jim Cochrane has called the deal a “billion-dollar bet on the future of the shipping business.” He joined Federal Drive hosts Tom Temin and Emily Kopp to explain the new device that enhances delivery infrastructure.

  • Postal Service works to deliver reforms

    In a strategic organizational shift designed to achieve long-term business objectives, USPS has announced realignments within two groups representing key areas of revenue growth for the business. Jim Cochrane, the new vice president for product visibility and operational performance, explains how it all works.