Joe Petrillo

  • DoD had to stop work on huge JEDI cloud contract. How did the losing bidder pull it off?

    The JEDI Cloud drama hit intermission last month when a federal judge issued an injunction, stopping work DoD had started with winning bidder Microsoft.

  • GAO sides with company on protest of Army bid cancellation

    Procurement attorney Joe Petrillo explained why GAO sided with company that says Army gave no reason to cancel a contract.

  • DoD’s LPTA bid evaluation continues to cause issues for contractors

    Procurement attorney Joe Petrillo of Petrillo and Powell discusses the issues the DoD’s implementation of their LPTA bid criteria is causing contractors.

  • Joe Petrillo: What happens when competing bids are millions apart?

    When two competing bids come in for one contract, and the winner is tens of millions of dollars higher then the loser, something’s up. That’s what happened in the case of an Army communications deal. You can guess the result. Procurement attorney Joe Petrillo shares the details on Federal Drive with Tom Temin.

  • Joe Petrillo: The state of Intel in the U.S. Army

    The Army is required to provide Intel and weather information to soldiers in the field. The military branch opted to solicit for a development contract instead of diving into commercial software to complete the task. What happened next might be surprising, and Joe Petrillo, a procurement attorney  with Petrillo and Powell, joined Federal Drive with Tom Temin to provide some context.

  • Joe Petrillo: How the last administration’s procurement rules work today

    On the surface, two last minute rules passed by the Obama administration require  government agencies to come clean on late payments to subcontractors and privacy training for contractor employees. But what does that mean? Speaking on Federal Drive with Tom Temin, Joe Petrillo, attorney at Petrillo and Powell, provides some answers.

  • Joe Petrillo: How one agency responded to contract challenge

    Companies often challenge contract awards when the people being proposed by the winner don’t meet the qualifications the agency set forth in the first place. That’s what happened with one services contractor. Procurement attorney Joe Petrillo of Petrillo and Powell tells Federal Drive with Tom Temin the agency’s response made things even more drawn out.

  • Joe Petrillo: Congress inaction on task order protests leaves questions unanswered

    Congress gives and it also takes away. On Sept. 30, it let expire a protest avenue for task orders larger than $10 million. Before then, contractors could have taken these protests to the GAO, like regular contract awards. So what happens next? For some insight, the Federal Drive with Tom Temin turns to Joseph Petrillo, procurement attorney with Petrillo and Powell.

  • Joe Petrillo: New contracting rule aims to fend off counterfeit parts

    The Defense Department continues to be concerned about counterfeit parts making their way into weapons systems and virtually everything else it buys. The worries are that fake parts could cause mission critical systems to fail unexpectedly.

  • Joe Petrillo: New rules target contracting bait and switch

    Contracting officers and program managers don’t appreciate it when prime contractors bid using a particular sub only to pull a switcheroo after the award and the work starts. Small businesses hate being escorted to the dance, only to have their date abandon them at the punch bowl. Procurement attorney Joe Petrillo tells Federal Drive with Tom Temin new rules to curb bait and switch are coming from the FAR Council.