Joseph Ronzio

  • VA, DLA give high marks to robotics processing automation

    For all the buzz around emerging technology in government, agency IT executives see an uncertain road ahead in looking for the next great innovation amid constrained budgets. 

  • Dr. Joe Ronzio

    Dr. Joe Ronzio, deputy health CTO at the Veterans Health Administration Dr. Joseph L. Ronzio started his career as an Information Technology Architect/Engineer. He managed projects and directed implementations of new technologies for companies such…

  • Federal CIO Insights: What’s Next in Mobile Security

    Mobile is critical infrastructure for government agencies. See what a panel of six federal CIOs, CISOs, and CTOs say is the solution to securing mobile.

  • How agencies use big data to improve health, security, save money

    While some agencies have jumped into the big data game without a clear plan for using it, others have been using data to improve their services for a while. One agency has even reached the point where it’s discovered that too much data can be just as much a hindrance as a help.

  • Five challenges feds face to adopting Internet of Things

    Early adopters hail the potential of Internet of Things, but no one is willing to commit until some very serious challenges are overcome and certain policies are put in place governmentwide.