Karen Britton

  • Episode 7: How to successfully market to government during a CR

    In this episode of Market Chat!, we will hear from three former federal executives about how CRs impact the government procurement cycle — and your government marketing campaigns. Hear important insights into how marketers can better plan and execute their messaging campaigns when budgets are tight and future funding is uncertain.

  • Karen Britton, Senior Vice President, E-Management

    A new item is showing up on the job description of your agency’s Chief Information Officer as CIOs look for more involvement in the strategy and business operation of the agency. Karen Britton is senior vice president of E-Management, and former chief information officer of the Executive Office of the President. She explained what kind of ambassadors CIOs are trying to be on In Depth with Francis Rose.

  • White House EOP to lose top two senior IT executives

    Karen Britton left after two years as the chief information officer of the Executive Office of the President to take a senior management role with e-Management, a small women-owned IT business. Deputy CIO Alissa Johnson announced her plans to leave in the coming months as well.