Kimberly Holden

  • OPM pitches Hiring Excellence campaign as new solution to old problem

    As part of the Hiring Excellence campaign, OPM is going on the road to speak with the federal HR community in the field. The goal is to better educate HR specialists and hiring managers about the wide variety of authorities and flexibilities they already have to recruit and hire new talent.

  • Why the top-down, ‘mythbusters’ approach to federal hiring works

    Agencies say the guidance and tools that the Office of Personnel Management gives to department headquarters often does not filter down to components in the field. OPM began the first of its listening and training tours last week on the federal hiring process.

  • OPM is hitting the road for new 2016 hiring campaign

    The Office of Personnel Management will officially launch the Hiring Excellence Campaign in January. The goal is to help agencies across the country realize and use the tools they already have to hire new, talented professionals.

  • Wanted: Money management SMEs for OPM study group

    The Office of Personnel Management is conducting a study to better understand professional and administrative work within financial management, budgeting and accounting.

  • OPM begins Pathways education campaign

    The Office of Personnel Management is developing a handbook for hiring managers to better understand how the internship program works. The agency also plans to create videos and other tools for senior HR executives to navigate the program more successfully.

  • Hiring and managing millennials

    This week, Julie Perkins hosts a roundtable discussion of why government agencies should recruit and hire members of the millennial generation. October 3, 2014

  • Kimberly Holden, OPM

    Most federal agencies have shaved weeks, even months, off of their hiring times in response to a 2010 presidential memo. Most hires are now completed within 80 days. But faster doesn’t necessarily mean better. The Office of Personnel Management has revised its reporting requirements to focus on quality. Kimberly Holden is OPM’s deputy associate director for Recruitment and Hiring. She spoke with Tom Temin and Emily Kopp on the Federal Drive. She says hiring time is just one measurement of how well agencies are filling positions.

  • OPM releases draft guide for competency-based job hiring

    The Office of Personnel Management has released a draft version of a guide to using competency-based qualification standards, along with a new round of competency-based job requirements for certain clerical and administrative positions.