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  • SBA ‘beats the odds’ by finalizing several major contracting regulations

    Contractors can now determine if they qualify as a small business based on a five-year revenue calculation instead of a three-year average under a new, much-anticipated rule from the Small Business Administration.

  • Number of small business prime contractors down by 25 percent since 2010

    The market research firm Deltek found the small business sector has seen significant reductions over the last seven years.

  • Lead agencies must turn category management small business strategies into action

    Small businesses growing more worried about the impact of category management on their opportunities to compete for contracts. OFPP required each category manager to submit a plan for how they will address those concerns.

  • Steve Koprince: GAO bars contractor from filing bid protests

    A legitimate complaint against government wrongdoing, or merely a nuisance? In this case, the Government Accountability Office says it was clearly the latter. GAO barred a company called Latvian Connection from filing bid protests. That was after the company filed 150 of them in the same year. Federal contracting specialist Steve Koprince, managing partner of Koprince Law, about the highly unusual case on Federal Drive with Tom Temin.

  • VA doesn’t waste time in implementing Supreme Court decision

    The Veterans Affairs Department issued a new policy and decision support tree for contracting officers to ensure they are meeting the “rule of two” as mandated by the U.S. Supreme Court in the Kingdomware case.

  • Steve Koprince: When bidding $0 makes sense

    Bidding zero dollars might not seem like a winning business strategy, but if you think you want to try it the Government Accountability Office said you can give it a shot. Steve Koprince, managing partner at Koprince Law and host of the SmallGovCon blog, wrote about a contract award at HUD that doesn’t seem to make business sense. He shared the story on In Depth with Francis Rose.

  • Steve Koprince: Frustrations over Buy Indian Act are 105-years-old

    Frustrations over the Buy Indian Act are about as old as the law itself. Congress passed the bill back in 1910. It’s supposed to open up Indian-owned businesses to the federal market. But it’s unclear whether Buy Indian Act set-aside contracts take priority over other set-asides, especially at agencies like the Bureau of Indian Affairs and Indian Health Service. Steve Koprince, managing partner at Koprince Law, tells In Depth with Francis Rose what makes the bill so confusing.

  • Steve Koprince: Supreme Court to weigh in on preferences for veteran owned businesses

    The Supreme Court only hears a few dozen cases a year. But one on the docket will answer big questions around contracting practices by the Department of Veterans Affairs. The question for the court is does the VA have to give preference to veteran-owned small businesses in all instances? Steve Koprince, managing partner of Koprince Law, tells In Depth with Francis Rose about the case’s potential impact.

  • Steve Koprince, Co-Founder, Koprince Law

    More small businesses could get more business under a new proposal in Congress. Steve Koprince, managing partner of Koprince Law, tells In Depth with Francis Rose about the bill that would increase the Simplified Acquisition Threshold.