Las Vegas

  • Looking to travel? Cheap deals are out there

    You can get cheap rooms in Miami and Las Vegas.

  • Buyout Predictor Guidelines

    When it comes to predicting agency buyout plans, it is as simple as winning a bundle in Las Vegas or getting rich by buying low and selling high. And Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says, the winners are older feds who want out and younger people who want to keep their job, and maybe get a promotion too.

  • EPA tells Las Vegas employees to relocate, retire or resign

    More than 50 Environmental Protection Agency employees based in Las Vegas, Nevada will soon face the decision of relocating across the country, retiring or resigning.

  • Fate of EPA office closures unclear after omnibus deal

    The EPA is moving ahead with plans to close agency facilities in Las Vegas, Nevada, according to the last written notice received by a few dozen employees affected by the decision.