long-term care insurance

  • New benefits for Medicare Advantage in 2019: Should feds consider these plans?

    Danielle Roberts, the co-founder at Boomer Benefits, details the options for long-term care benefits for federal employees and retirees.

  • Want long term care coverage? Now is the time

    Crippling medical bills are the number one cause of bankruptcy in this country, but federal workers can avoid financial ruin — if they pay attention to open season.

  • Got $300,000 under the mattress?

    With their federal pensions and Thrift Savings Plan accounts, do federal workers really need long-term care insurance? Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says it’s a tough call.

  • Long-term care: Bad news or worse news

    Federal workers have until Sept. 30 to make one of the most important financial decisions of their lives. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey explains the long-term care insurance dilemma.

  • LTC premiums: Is anybody driving the bus?

    Why are 264,000 federal workers and retirees literally fit to be tied? Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says the answer’s easy: long-term care insurance.

  • Will Congress rescind LTC premium hike?

    When they say “it” could have been worse, odds are “it’s” pretty bad, which is how Senior Correspondent Mike Causey explains the big jump in long-term care premiums.

  • LTC premiums: Is the worst yet to come?

    Are you still reeling from the 83 percent premium hike in federal long-term care insurance? Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says to prepare for more bad news.

  • Avoid premium waste: Burn your house & total your car

    Long-term care insurance premiums are going up for government workers and military personnel. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says that’s the good news, but how so?

  • Long-term care for the uniformed military services

    Many people don’t realize that members of the uniformed military services are eligible for the government’s long term care insurance program. Retired Army Brig. Gen. Michael Meese, chief operations officer of the American Armed Forces Mutual Aid Association, talks about recent premium changes on Your Turn.

  • Lottery tickets or LTC premiums?

    Do yourself a favor and think about getting some Long Term Care insurance, says Senior Correspondent Mike Causey. Your family will thank you.