long-term care insurance

  • Long-term insurance premiums for some feds might rise

    FederalNewsRadio Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says you need to do research in order to find out what’s best for you.

  • LTC: Ripoff or Reality?

    Senior Correspondent Mike Causey runs down what we know, so far, about the new long term care contract

  • Short time deadline looms for federal Long Term Care

    How to hedge your bets when it comes to changing insurance coverage.

  • Minimizing LTC Premiums, Maybe…

    Long term care insurance premiums are going up 5 to 25 percent next year, but there may be, just may be, a way you can minimize the impact of the new premiums. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey reports.

  • Mistakes at retirement: don’t make them!

    Host Tammy Flanagan and WellsFargo Vice-President Joseph Sullender discuss the do’s and don’ts of retirement planning for federal employees. April 11, 2011

  • Long Term Care: Thinking The Unthinkable

    What’s the second worst thing that could happen to you? How about becoming totally helpless because of an accident, illness or old age. So what’s first? Not being prepared for the second. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey talks about the gift of long term care insurance.

  • Anti-poverty insurance for feds?

    Do you have anti-bankruptcy or anti-poverty insurance? If not, Senior Correspondent Mike Causey reminds you that you have until the end of next week to sign up for a government-endorsed plan at group rates.

  • Long-term care: Your clock is ticking!

    Saving money on long-term care insurance premiums is easy: All you need is to sign up a couple of weeks before a stroke or accident makes it impossible for you to dress, bathe, eat or get in and out of bed. If you don’t know that horrible, magic moment, check out Senior Correspondent Mike Causey’s column today.

  • Long-term care insurance is ‘greatest unfunded liability’

    Health insurance policies cover doctor’s visits and hospital stay but assume your problem is over when you go home. These policies do not cover living assistance for chronic health issues.

  • Midlife crisis: Life or death?

    Is it more important to provide insurance for your family after you’ve gone, or while you are still around but pretty much helpless? It’s a dollars-and-sense option people should check out, Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says.