Mark Welsh

  • Former war pilot picked as next Air Force chief of staff

    The Obama administration nominated Gen. David Goldfein to take over Air Force chief of staff after Gen. Mark Welsh’s exit.

  • Richard Aboulafia: F-35 squares off against the A-10

    The Defense Department will test its new F-35 joint strike fighter against an aging A-10 Warthog starting in 2018. The Pentagon says it wants to see whether both jets can perform high-threat close air support. But Air Force Chief of Staff General Mark Welsh calls the testing a “silly exercise.” Richard Aboulafia is vice president for analysis at the Teal Group Corporation. He tells In Depth with Francis Rose what the F-35 can do that the A-10 can’t.

  • Air Force says dozens of programs, requested troop increase are in jeopardy under CR

    The Secretary of the Air Force and its Chief of Staff say a full year continuing resolution would have a significant impact on the service, particularly by slowing down or halting as many as 50 acquisition programs.

  • Air Force charges new cyber task force with looking for threats in core missions

    Task Force Cyber Secure will attempt to apply the same degree of rigor and oversight DoD uses for its computing networks to everything else that’s vulnerable to cyber threats, including weapons systems and industrial control systems. The Air Force is following in the footsteps of the Navy to ensure cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibility.

  • Military leaders express misgivings about House plan to boost their budget

    Pentagon officials are adamant that sequestration-level spending is incompatible with the current Defense strategy. But, they also have serious concerns with the plan House Republicans released this week to boost Defense funding, saying it would limit their options and keep the military in a state of budget uncertainty.

  • Carter opens door to more DoD civilian job cuts

    Ashton Carter, the new Defense secretary, told lawmakers this week that most of DoD’s civilian workforce is performing mission-critical functions. But large budgets over the past decade have let the department do a lot of hiring without much thought toward cutting outdated positions, he said.

  • Air Force to ask for base closures, aircraft retirements despite repeated rebuffs

    As is typical, Defense leaders are not sharing many details about next year’s budget proposal prior to its expected February release. But the Air Force is making clear it’s gearing up for another fight on BRAC and aircraft divestitures, and thinks it might win this time.

  • Air Force needs more strategic planning to meet budget constraints

    The Air Force can’t afford the programs it thinks it will need over the next decade. The service’s top officer says it’s time to reexamine priorities, with a realistic view of the funding it will get from Congress.

  • National Guard carves out its slice of DoD cyber mission, wants teams in every state

    Both the Army and Air National Guard say they are making inroads toward gaining a foothold for their state-based forces in the Defense Department’s growing mission sets in cyberspace. Both services say they are training more personnel and building the guard’s credibility within the Pentagon when it comes to cyber missions.

  • Air Force pins its future on ‘strategic agility’

    Service’s latest strategy document sees a future in which it will need to be more flexible and adaptable, including in its acquisition and personnel policies and organizational structures.