Michael Bromwich

  • Congress says it’s still in the dark over Interior reorganization

    Congress has already appropriated more than $17 million, but lawmakers said they still haven’t seen the department’s detailed plan for the Interior reorganization.

  • Michael Bromwich, Founder and Managing Principal, The Bromwich Group

    Inspectors General are encountering speed bumps in their daily routines. Forty-seven IGs say they are having a hard time getting documents from their respective agencies in order to complete their work. Agencies include the Peace Corps, Environmental Protection Agency and the Justice Department. Now, the IGs are asking the Office of Management and Budget for help. Michael Bromwich is founder and managing principal of the Bromwich Group and an experienced federal troubleshooter. He joined Tom Temin on the Federal Drive to clarify the relationship between IGs and agencies.

  • Michael Bromwich, managing principal, The Bromwich Group

    What’s next for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services in the wake of the HealthCare.gov fiasco?

  • Interior creates two agencies to replace MMS

    As the Department of Interior re-invents what used to be the Minerals and Management Service, we get an update from director Michael Bromwich on the new agencies.

  • Ocean scientists’ work must pass PR office

    PEER claims a new directive for the agency that replaced MMS is diminishing scientific integrity by screening employees’ findings.

  • Interior Sec. Salazar outlines restructure at MMS

    Secretary says agency ”no longer exists” and details new agency’s responsibilities.