Mika Cross

  • Telework week may save $2.5M in commuting costs

    More than 28,000 workers in the WTOP listening area pledged to work at home during National Telework Week.

  • USDA work-life office promotes telework, other flexible programs

    Mika Cross, the work/life and wellness program manager at the Agriculture Department, In Depth with Francis Rose for a far-reaching discussion flexible and supportive workplace programs, such as telework.

  • Panel: Digital technologies changing how agencies communicate — both inside and out

    Agencies across government are leveraging digital technologies to both embark on new initiatives and enhance existing ones. The growing adoption of mobile devices, cloud computing technologies and wireless capabilities allows agencies to conduct unique outreach efforts and makes the agencies, themselves, more flexible workplaces. Agency technology officials discussed both issues as part of the Federal News Radio special report, A New Era in Technology.

  • Mika Cross, Work/Life and Wellness Program Manager, Agriculture Department

    Federal News Radio’s Causey Awards honor top achievers in federal human resources. It’s named after our own Mike Causey, in tribute to his career spent reporting on issues that matter to the federal workforce. This year, judges have selected four winners. One is Mika Cross, the work-life and wellness program manager at the Agriculture Department. She joined Tom Temin and Emily Kopp on the Federal Drive to discuss how she convinced USDA to use telework as a strategic tool. View more about our 2014 Causey Award winners.

  • 2014 Causey Award winners announced

    Federal News Radio recognizes professionals who have gone above and beyond in the human resources arena to help the government operate better.

  • 2014 Causey Award Winner – Mika Cross

    Mika Cross received a 2014 Causey Award for raising the level of workforce issues at the Department of Agriculture.

  • Human capital in the public and private sectors

    Jason Briefel hosts a roundtable discussion of human capital and how the public and private sectors are collaborating. March 6, 2015

  • Secretary’s ‘OneUSDA’ vision rings hollow to some in light of new telework policy

    The Agriculture Department issued a new policy that requires employees to be in the office at least four days per week thus limiting telework to two days per pay period.

  • VA, DISA bring in new acquisition executives

    Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert Wilkie appointed Karen Brazell as the new principal executive director for the Office of Acquisition, Logistics and Construction.