• Hopeful vendor says AI could help feds cut backlogs, supplement ageing workforce

    For one view of how AI works and how it can augment modernization efforts, Paul Dillahay, chief executive officer of NCI, joined Federal Drive with Tom Temin.

  • National Cancer Institute uses API to connect patients with clinical trials

    Just like weather or traffic apps make it easy to share massive amounts of information with users, the National Cancer Institute is using an application programming interface (API) to connect patients with clinical trial data they otherwise wouldn’t know about.

  • National Cancer Institute feels the budget pinch

    John Czajkowski, deputy director for management at the National Cancer Institute, is this week’s guest on Agency of the Month.

  • Which agency has the most read-able website?

    Fergal McGovern, Visible Thread’s CEO, talks about which government agency websites do a good job of relating complex information in a clear way.

  • Cloud being used to help fight breast cancer

    The National Cancer Institute is using cloud computing to help advance breast cancer research. The agency worked with the Susan Love Research Foundation to start the Health of Women Study. The study aims to collect information on women across the U.S. (anyone can sign up) and then analyze it to understand the cause of the […]