• Why success is in your sphere

    Zvi Band, author of the new book Success is in Your Sphere, discusses how maintaining healthy relationships that go beyond just transaction can help propel your life and business to new heights, especially in the D.C. region.

  • Linking government problems with private solutions

    Kristen Hajduk, regional director for the national capital region at MD5, discusses the advantages to building networks of innovators and entrepreneurs to help solve national security and defense problems.

  • Fusing community engagement with the good parts of social media

    Karen McCord, CEO of Breezio, discusses how her company provides a service to connect communities, creating bases of knowledge for companies to keep engagement strong and cut out spam.

  • The importance of networking

    What is the value of face-to-face networking and how can AFCEA help in that effort? Find out when Katie Helwig, director of Small Business Programs at AFCEA, and Eric Strauss, director of Business Development for Connected Logistics, joins host Mark Amtower on this week’s Amtower Off Center. May 14, 2018

  • How networking in DC differs from NYC

    Networking in New York City is distinctly different from networking in the D.C. region, according to Rachel Adler, digital media business development manager for the Fairfax County Economic Development Authority.

    “I’m a research junkie. A lot of my research comes from working for New York State. I used to do a lot of vetting for political candidates,” said Adler. “I try to find touch points I could talk about… I look through their social platforms if they have them,” including Twitter and LinkedIn. By finding touchstones of common interest, it’s easy to build rapport.

  • Unleashing the power of a strong network

    The value of networking in the professional world cannot be overstated, and knowing the right person can be the difference between success and failure.

  • DC event startup looks to highlight area’s growth

    Former head of Bisnow Media Doug Anderson has launched a new media and events startup called DCA Live to capture the growth in the D.C. regions business diversity.

  • The event landscape in the government market

    Hosky Communications President Peg Hosky, discusses the value of having your agency participate in events, conferences, and webinars. July 15, 2013

  • Who is in your network?

    Bob Leins welcomes Nan Siemer, owner of Breakers Consulting, to talk about new ways to cultivate relationships through networking and social media. April 1, 2013

  • How to get a job in the federal government

    Federal Times columnist Lily Whiteman will talk about her book, “How to Land a Top-Paying Job in the Federal Government”. September 21, 2012(Encore presentation October 5, 2012 & October 26, 2012)