Open First

  • Red Hat shares secrets to navigating cultural change with an eye to agile principles

    Red Hat’s Government Leadership Guide to Cultural Change lays out a step-by-step roadmap to adopting an open and agile culture in government agencies.

  • How state, local govts and Higher Ed face similar IT challenges to federal, but with fewer resources

    Federal agencies aren’t the only ones working to modernize their IT systems. State and local governments, as well as many higher education institutions, are trying to deliver better services and experiences to customers, faster. And they face a lot of the same challenges.

  • Four IT trends for 2020 agencies need to prepare for

    To keep up with the population they serve, federal agencies have to be ready to embrace change by building a culture of flexibility that can capitalize on technologies and ideas that don’t even exist yet.

  • Top predictions for 2018 point towards security and innovation

    When thinking about future trends, it’s important to have a strong understanding of the important innovations impacting most sectors, and pair that understanding with an intuition around what impacts those innovations will have to most organizations in 2018.

  • Modernizing app delivery with container platforms

    Demands for faster production times, higher quality and more predictable cost management are posing significant challenges for development teams. In-house software development is essential in achieving these and other agency objectives. Exacerbating the demands on development teams is often the need to successfully release new applications, while also updating existing ones.

  • Immutable infrastructure can ease agencies into agile, DevOps

    How do we ensure systems on government networks are in a completely known, secure state once they are in production?

  • How to achieve a culture of secure dev ops

    Achieving a culture of secure dev ops doesn’t happen overnight, but it is possible when the leadership of an organization makes the brave, conscious decision to lead their organizations on a journey to examine processes and find the right platform.

  • Open hybrid cloud enables government IT service delivery

    As government IT seeks ways to be more innovative and responsive to keep up with increasing workloads and demands, open hybrid cloud offers hope as a means to meet growing mission challenges.

  • 7 reasons Java is not heading to retirement

    Despite its industry age, here are seven top reasons Java is not headed into retirement anytime soon.

  • 5 primary reasons for the popularity of Ansible

    Although Ansible is a young product, it already has wide acceptance among IT experts because of its simplicity and flexibility. Here are some of the reasons Ansible is becoming the go-to solution for a variety of IT operations.