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  • Senator plans somber salute for fallen feds

    This week federal workers killed while performing their duties will receive honors on the Senate floor. It’s part of an ongoing series of speeches in Delaware Senator Ted Kaufman‘s “Great Feds” initiative. The project is…

  • A guide to a career in public service

    Learn more from author Heather Krasna

  • Why investing in the public sector matters

    The success of the U.S. private sector is connected to a healthy U.S. public sector, and we are letting our public sector deteriorate, says David Bray, CIO of the FCC.

  • Conversation with Authors: Dr. Satish Nambisan

    Is the emerging vision of government-as-a-platform too far-fetched and unrealistic? Or does it portend a new era of citizen engagement in public service innovation? What are the distinct roles for citizens in public service co-creation and problem-solving? Are there strategies for creating an environment for co-creation? Join host Michael Keegan as he explores these questions with Satish Nambisan, co-author of “Engaging Citizens in Co-Creation in Public Services.”

  • White House issues call for public service careers

    In a short video released by the Obama administration, National Security Advisor Susan Rice calls on viewers to consider a career in public service.

  • What you can learn with two ears and a smooth flight

    Feds don’t feel they occupy a cubicle just to follow rules and push the proverbial paper. They know their missions and endeavor to really support them.

  • Dan Blair: A look back at NAPA’s last 5 years

    Members of the National Academy of Public Administration share an important characteristic. Even if you retire from your job, you never really give up public service. That’s one reason NAPA fellows are always eager to help out agencies in trouble, or offer help during presidential transitions. For more than five years, CEO Dan G. Blair has guided NAPA’s affairs. He’ll be stepping down this month and joins Federal Drive with Tom Temin for a retrospective.

  • When public service runs in the family

    Crystal Philcox, assistant commissioner for operations at the General Services Administration’s Technology Transformation Service, is a good example of how federal service can run in families.

  • A thank you to the year’s radio guests

    A yearend tribute to guests of the Federal Drive.

  • Former IRS Commissioner Koskinen reflects on a careerĀ in public service

    Former IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, reflecting on his career, talks about his colleagues, as well as the rewards and satisfaction gleaned from his years in public service.