Rafael Diaz

  • Agencies adapting agile services at their own pace

    Federal CIOs say if you want to get on board with agile services, be adaptable, communicate and don’t be afraid to fail.

  • HUD takes control of IT from program offices

    Rafael Diaz, the chief information officer of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, said by enforcing standards and a portfolio management approach, he now can better manage systems and network spending and modernization efforts.

  • The state of federal technology: ‘A crisis bigger than Y2K’

    Federal chief information officer Tony Scott said agencies are spending too much of their money on legacy technology that can’t easily be secured, and the people who have built and supported it are leaving government service. HUD, EPA, SSA and the Patent and Trademark Office are among the agencies trying to transform their IT infrastructures.

  • HUD turns up the HEAT for IT transformation

    Rafael Diaz, the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s chief information officer, said he canceled the old approach to improve the agency’s technology infrastructure, called HUDNet, and is embarking on a new plan.

  • Cloud, budget reductions helping CIOs pull IT out of the shadows

    NASA CIO Larry Sweet has mandated enterprise services first for all commodity IT. Other agencies, such as GSA and Interior, are trying to find the right balance between giving field offices latitude and rigid IT requirements.

  • HUD names Diaz as new CIO

    Rafael Diaz is named as the new HUD chief information officer, replacing Jerry Williams.