Amelia Brust/Federal News Network

DHS set to launch its ‘most significant hiring initiative’ as part of cyber workforce sprint

The Department of Homeland Security is building momentum on its plans to get ahead of an escalating ransomware threat, and getting started on 60-day sprint…

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AP/Patrick SemanskyNSA

NSA dares students to break the cyber code, and then recruits them

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Ransomware attacks: You may not be as prepared as you think

Patrick Knight, a senior director of cyber strategy and technology at Veriato, outlines basic steps for agencies to take as ransomware attacks become more…

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Ransomware: How to protect your agency’s data

Because individuals and businesses heavily rely on the internet, it’s essential to maintain a safe place online and take proactive measures to protect…

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WannaCry, Petya ransomware attacks were ‘non-events’ for DoD systems

Pentagon cybersecurity officials say two global ransomware attacks highlighted improvements the Defense Department has made to its ability to command and control its own networks, but also showed areas that are ripe for improvement.

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