Richard Levick

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Anxiety over character assassination

Richard Levick, founder and CEO of LEVICK; Steven Nardizzi, partner at Paragon Strategic Insights; and Simon Newman, CEO at CMG Innovation, discuss the…

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Communications expert says tribalism at root of tensions today

Society is getting wiser on how to communicate its support of mistrust of politicians, movements and brands. Richard Levick offers insight on what to expect…

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Truth, a fragile thing in DC communications: EXTRA

For this week’s What’s Working in Washington EXTRA episode, Ray Locker, enterprise editor for USA Today; Richard Latendresse, member of the White House…

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EXTRA: True costs of hacking

For this week’s Extra episode, What’s Working in Washington sat down with three of the area’s top experts on cybersecurity and hacking to see what needs to be done to protect your business. Andres Franzetti,…

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