Robert Taub

  • USPS reports first dip in package volume in nearly a decade

    USPS posted a net loss of nearly $2.3 billion for this fiscal year’s third quarter, higher than the loss reported by the agency for the same period last year.

  • USPS stakeholders consider postal reform amid congressional inaction

    With USPS on course to run out of cash by 2024, stakeholders say the status quo won’t be enough. But despite the urgency, Congress appears no closer to a compromise on postal reform.

  • Postal Service’s regulatory body proposes long-term financial fixes

    The U.S. Postal Service’s regulatory body announced that it would allow some additional flexibility to increase the price of postal products, but would keep a price cap in place for any future rate hikes.

  • Robert Taub: What it means to be a NAPA fellow

    Nomination as a fellow at the National Academy of Public Administration is a sign you’ve made a difference to federal management and good governance. One recent inductee is Robert Taub, the acting chairman of the Postal Regulatory Commission. After 30 years of experience in public service, he tells Federal News Radio’s Eric White on Federal Drive with Tom Temin what it means to be a NAPA fellow.