Scott Bernard

  • Why these usually boring budget, planning concepts hold the key for IT modernization

    OMB is revamping the capital planning and investment control (CPIC) process and asking agencies break down commodity IT spending in more specific terms than ever before.

  • GSA plans to stop providing HR shared services

    The General Services Administration will focus on its core mission and let others provide payroll and human resources services. The decision comes as shared services is gaining momentum as OPM is pumping some energy back into the HR line of business, and the Interior will release a new geospatial platform to host data and applications.

  • OMB begins to clarify industry’s role in shared services

    Agencies face a series of deadlines starting at the end of May to map out their plan to consolidate commodity IT. Vendors will, many times, be the suppliers of the shared service, said Scott Bernard, OMB’s chief architect. OMB wants agencies to use the shared services strategy as a guide and the PortfolioStat sessions as the tool to figure out where opportunities exist.