Scott Hutchins

  • USDA sets 5-year research agenda

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  • Relocation plans haven’t changed after IG report, USDA tells employees

    The Agriculture Department on Wednesday told employees impacted by the upcoming relocation to Kansas City they shouldn’t be concerned with violating the Antideficiency Act when submitting for relocation reimbursements.

  • ‘Never suggested we would not lose expertise,’ USDA says of upcoming relocation

    Lawmakers have asked Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue to allow employees impacted by the upcoming USDA relocation to use telework and other flexibilities to alleviate the burdens of the move to Kansas City. USDA and the American Federation of Government Employees are expected to continue bargaining negotiations over those flexibilities this week.

  • Perdue makes final site selection for USDA relocation

    Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue said the USDA relocation will save government $300 million over 15 years. About 100 employees are expected to move out of the national capital region by Aug. 1.

  • New options for VBA appeals processing set for Feb. 19

    In today’s Federal Newscast, a new report from the Defense Department shows there was a slight increase in the amount of sexual assaults reported at military academies.