Shirley Rooker

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    Matt Schulz, senior analyst with, discusses the pros and cons of gas station credit cards.

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    Steve Pociask, American Consumer Institute, discusses the use of apps on your devices.

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  • Automatic vehicles: safer than humans?

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    Lauren Hall of Consumer Action profiles common frauds, including deceptive health claims about some celebrity-endorsed products.

  • When counterfeit can kill

    Kyle Burgess of Consumers’ Research discusses how counterfeit products and drugs endanger the lives of millions of consumers.

  • Starting a business

    Author Hal Shelton provides advice on steps to take before, during and after the start-up of a business.

  • What you can do to protect your data

    Kelvin Coleman, executive director, National Cyber Security Alliance, discusses the steps individuals and businesses should take to protect their data.

  • 5G and what that means to you

    Susan Diegelman, director of public affairs, AT&T, discusses 5G and what it means for consumers.

  • Avoiding scams when seeking debt relief

    Bruce McClary of the National Foundation for Credit Counseling discusses debt elimination scams.