• How to win on tomorrow’s interconnected battlefields

    With the U.S. national security plan highlighting the need for both information dominance and protection, the Department of Defense is considering a range of programs to sharpen its competitive edge against state and non-state actors.

  • “One Platform to Rule Them All”: How SolarWinds provided IT visibility across the VA’s enterprise

    SolarWinds helped the VA consolidate to a single enterprise-wide platform, implementing ten regional instances, putting everyone on the same page and giving consolidated visibility while allowing each region to operate with a certain level of autonomy.

  • Federal IT pros optimistic about security, but insider threats remain a challenge

    Jim Hansen, the vice president of products, security and application management for SolarWinds, detailed why agencies need to do more to protect their employees from cyber attacks.

  • The normal evolution of technology

    Paul Parker, chief technologist, Federal and National Government at SolarWinds, joins host John Gilroy on this week’s Federal Tech Talk for a wide ranging discussion of hybrid IT, automation and containers. May 29, 2018

  • Building a solid security foundation to support NIST’s framework

    Jamie Hynds, a senior product manager SolarWinds, details what agencies should consider when implementing the five-step process.

  • Modernizing federal IT networks is something everyone should get behind

    Joe Kim, senior VP and global chief technology officer, SolarWinds, makes the case for why federal CIOs to better understand the hybrid network model.

  • How CIOs can avoid the pitfalls of IT modernization

    Mav Turner, the director of Product Strategy for SolarWinds, details three strategies to help federal chief information officers be more successful as they move off legacy systems.

  • Network management: Results from a cybersecurity survey

    Mav Turner, director of Product Strategy at SolarWinds, joins host John Gilroy on Federal Tech Talk to discuss network management and a survey on the federal cybersecurity landscape. March 8, 2016

  • New tools, liability protections elevate DHS cyber threat sharing

    The Homeland Security Department added a netflow analysis capability to its Enhanced Cybersecurity Services (ECS) program and released interim guidance for private sector cyber threat and vulnerability information sharing.

  • Joel Dolisy: Action plan for boosting military communications interoperability

    When U.S. military forces engage, they’re usually working in concert with allies. The more entities that are involved and the more communications channels there are, the greater the chances they’ll run into blackages. It’s called interoperability — or a lack thereof. Joel Dolisy, the CIO of network analysis company Solarwinds, has come up with a three-point action plan for boosting military communications interoperability. Federal Drive with Tom Temin asked him, what are some of the challenges they’re facing now?