Tom O' Rourke

woman is signing contract with business man in background

Is your son-in-law a jerk? Armor plate your estate.

Whatever the reason, whether your life is a bed of roses or a getting-worse-nightmare, there are things you can do now to insure what you leave will go…

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Client signing a real estate contract on desk in office.

What’s the state of your estate?

No matter how humble your salary, job, habits and possessions you have an estate.

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Summer special: Perform your own (financial) autopsy

Have you had your professional mid-life crisis yet? If not, this might be a good time to get it over with.

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You’re richer than you think, so think estate plan

If you own a home, have a spouse, carry life insurance and invest in the Thrift Savings Plan, you probably need an estate plan.

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