• Talking Transparency

    We’ve been hearing a lot about transparency lately, but it seems just about everybody has a different definition of what transparency is. To make matters even more complex — why does it matter in the…

  • The fiscal belt-tightener

    President-elect picks agent of change for govermnent performance.

  • The fiscal belt-tightener

    President-elect picks agent of change for govermnent performance.

  • Once a Day Presidential Docs

    Presidential transitions bring the huge task of preserving millions of White House records. That job falls to the National Archives and Records Administration. But will it become easier in transitions to come? There’s been a…

  • GSA,, Treasury Dept.

    CHEERS To Bob Martinez, Patrick Jones, Paul Davis, and Tim Cashman, GSA Pacific Rim, Public Building Service employees, who increased the use of renewable energy at the California Land Port of Entry in Otay Mesa,…

  • Apps For America to shed light on Congress

    Apps for America is a contest for computer developers to create applications using data from the Sunlight Foundation and mixing it with other information on the web to create a web application that makes congress more accountable, interactive and transparent.

  • The vexing agency recovery issue — and remember, the transparency has never been done

    There is all sorts of consternation right now about the stimulus bill. There is all sorts of concern about the money flow itself, which is more like a fire hose. Many agency executives are concerned…

  • Insights into the CPO role

    Clay Johnson, former deputy director for management at OMB, talked about the role of the chief performance officer on In-Depth with Francis Rose.

  • The OrszBlog — the OMB director re-joins the blogosphere

    In what I think is a very powerful step, the director of the Office of Management and Budget Peter Orszag is re-joining the blogosphere. As I mentioned back in November, as the head of the…

  • DC snow

    03.02.09 DC snow Originally uploaded by cdorobek Yes, Washington, DC is blanketed by snow — really. The first real DC snowstorm in years. It means I’ll be taking public transportation to Federal News Radio 1500…