• Policy initiatives but no government shutdown

    The Trump administration’s first 100 days concludes with several policy initiatives and agreeing to a budget plan to avoid a government shutdown.

  • Trump administration puts (buy) America first

    President Trump issued an executive order for federal agencies to review their policies and procedures for buying American. He suspect loopholes in buy-American laws are too often used when the government buys. Agencies are to forward their legal and procedural reviews to Commerce Secretary Wilber Ross, who will in turn deliver a draft set of recommendations by the end of the year.

  • Administration’s management agenda comes into view

    The Trump administration, as it promised, ended the 90-day hiring freeze. Simultaneously it launched an ambitious plan to re-do the executive branch bureaucracy top to bottom.

  • Foreign Affairs push into the Trump administration

    Foreign affairs imposed on the Trump administration. Treasury moved to sanction North Koreans believed to have military ties. Trump said the U.S. would take unilateral action in response to Pyonyang threats.

  • White House operating on 4 burners

    Heading toward April, the Trump administration was operating on several fronts, following the withdrawal of Republican-led legislation revising health care law.

  • Hiring and Compensation

    Although President Donald Trump’s skinny budget failed to mention a pay raise for federal employees, a 1.9 percent pay hike may be in the works.

  • It’s all about the budget

    In one of the busiest weeks yet, the Trump administration gave Congress two budget proposals to debate.

  • Trump administration’s budget preparations under scrutiny

    The high paced level of activity this past week centered on the still-sketchy 2018 budget under preparation by the Trump administration. Balancing the big increase the president wants for the Defense Department are cuts averaging 10 percent for civilian agencies.

  • New memos and a delay in policy

    Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly forged ahead with tough new immigration policies, outlined in a pair of memos. Although President Trump hadn’t yet released his revised executive order on immigration and securing the border with Mexico, Kelly widened the number of people potentially subject to detention and deportation. He reiterated the plan to hire another 5,000 Customs and Border Patrol agents.

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