Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

  • Before buying technology, NNSA performs a cyber checkup

    Wayne Jones, the chief information officer at the NNSA, said he is taking a hybrid approach to modernizing systems and applications.

  • Meeting Government’s Data Security Mission

    Storage has always been a time consuming issue for federal information professionals. Changes to virtualization have enabled current system administrators to be much more flexible in assigning storage. Not only does this make life easier for management, but it also increases efficiency, improves security, and enables easier deployment of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). 

  • CPSC’s big data problem is not the volume

    Jim Rolfes, the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s chief information officer, said he’s looking at cloud and open source tools to address the variety and velocity of data his agency faces.

  • FCC’s modern IT puzzle pushes toward completion

    David Bray, the FCC’s chief information officer, has been creating the team, the processes and the culture to bring major changes to the way the commission manages and uses information technology.

  • At the Pentagon, most Army PCs will be replaced with virtual desktops

    Prodded by an earlier pilot project with the Joint Staff, the Army is moving aggressively to replace thousands of desktop computers at the Pentagon with zero client hardware. The project should be completed by the end of 2015.