Washington Business Journal

  • The year ahead in DC’s economy

    Andy Medici, senior staff reporter for the Washington Business Journal, discusses how the next year is looking to unfold with regards to business and the economy, and what investments might be a good idea to prepare for a potential recession.

  • The role of journalism for business in DC

    Peter Abrahams, market president and publisher at the Washington Business Journal, discusses the way the region’s economic development is accelerating, how Amazon’s HQ2 is playing a part, and how the region can keep its talent.

  • Is the venture capital well running dry?

    On this episode, we speak with Andy Medici, Money and Tech reporter at Washington Business Journal, about where the D.C. region stands with respect to venture capital funding and economy health.

  • What DC is still lacking for entrepreneurship to thrive

    Andy Medici, money reporter for the Washington Business Journal, discusses the problems the D.C. region still has to face if it wants to regain the VC market share it had during the dotcom boom.

  • Filling the gaps in DC’s cyber community

    To understand how D.C.’s cyber technology community is growing and shaping the economy, we talk to Dr. Erran Carmel, professor at the Kogod School of Business; Jennifer Thornton, director of workforce initiatives at the Greater Washington Partnership; and Rob Terry, senior writer at the Washington Business Journal. Topics discussed include digital convergence, widening the talent pool, and spurring economic growth through the cyber industry.

  • Fuller report, HQ2 and other DC business buzz

    Stephen Fuller’s latest report, Amazon’s HQ2 bids in the region and what to expect in the coming weeks from Andy Medici, money reporter for Washington Business Journal.

  • Report signals slower growth in DC economy

    The D.C. region’s economic growth is slowing down, but not reversing just yet, according to a report by George Mason University’s Steven S. Fuller Institute.

  • Trump’s ‘skinny’ budget could mean belt-tightening for DC

    The money reporter for Washington Business Journal provides insight into what the upcoming federal budget could mean for the DC region, which still relies heavily on government contracts and robust government agencies.

  • DC small businesses face challenges as more banks disappear

    In the past decade, multiple local banks in the greater Washington region have merged or been bought, leaving entrepreneurs and small businesses with fewer options for sources of capital.

  • After cuts, defense contractors report record operating margins

    With a tighter defense budget and the threat of sequestration, defense contractors say they may have to lay off thousands of workers and look for business overseas.