Wilson Center

  • CISA putting skills over experience as it rethinks cyber hiring approach

    CISA is thinking beyond the General Schedule approach to hiring in the federal government, which prioritizes experience in a professional setting, as well as degrees and certifications.

  • DHS calls for new appropriations structure to cement future ‘Unity’ progress

    Homeland Security Department Secretary Jeh Johnson said the department will ask Congress this year for permission to authorize the Joint Requirements Council and other task forces, to ensure that its “Unity of Effort” work carries on to the next administration.

  • New agency likely to own federal security clearance process

    A new agency could take ownership of the federal security clearance process, a former federal counterintelligence official said. The organization, called the National Investigative Service Agency, would also have a new director.

  • Johnson to Congress: Don’t make DHS budget a ‘political football’

    The Homeland Security Department cannot pay for more border security or make recommended changes to the Secret Service as long as it’s operating on a continuing resolution, Secretary Jeh Johnson said during a speech at the Wilson Center.

  • Federal Drive Interviews — Feb. 18, 2013

    Gordon Heddel of Booz Allen Hamilton talks about the challenges of creating a smarter but not bigger government. Aaron Miller of the Wilson Center discusses the hurdles awaiting new Secretary of State John Kerry. Bloomberg Government’s Rob Barnett talks about President Obama’s environmental policy. John Mahoney of Tully Rinckey says furloughed feds won’t lose their rights.