World War I

  • Veterans Day: Holiday for some

    This year, by a quirk of the calendar, Veterans Day actually falls on Nov. 11 which was the official date of the Armistice Day holiday commemorating the end of World War I, Nov. 11, 1918.

  • A Veterans Day must-read

    Today marks the centennial of the end of World War I, the bloodiest in history up until that time. Many historians think the terms of the armistice actually sowed the seeds for World War II.

  • Retired Navy Vice Adm. John Bird: 645K poppies on National Mall honor American troops lost since WWI

    USAA and the National Parks Service erected a temporary homage to generations of warfighters on the National Mall for this Memorial Day to remind visitors of those who gave their lives in armed conflict.

  • Veterans Day: The holiday lots of people just don’t get

    Veterans Day is one of those holidays that a lot of people don’t get, both literally and figuratively, and there are lots of people working today because their boss won’t let them off.

  • On Memorial Day, the old ones remember the young ones

    Within a decade, probably all of the veterans will be gone and with them misty recollections of those who didn’t come home alive.

  • Robert Laplander: Commission looks to locate missing doughboys

    In the 100 years since the U.S. entered World War I, more than 4,000 Americans remain missing in action. Defense Department MIA efforts only go as far back as World War II. Historian and author Robert Laplander heads up the Doughboy MIA Team for the U.S. World War I Centennial Commission. He joins Federal Drive with Tom Temin to talk about locating these earlier MIAs.

  • Jon Voss: New NARA app puts WWI history at your fingertips

    The National Archives is working on project trying to make the multimedia records of World War I more accessible to modern audiences. They’ve contracted Shiftdesign to create a new app called “Remembering WWI,” to help educators and history buffs make the war a little less forgettable. Jon Voss, strategic partnership director for Historypin, which is part of Shiftdesign, tells Eric White on Federal Drive with Tom Temin about the project, and how NARA is helping.

  • April Stafford: U.S. Mint solicits designs for WWI coin

    The U.S. Mint is soliciting designs for a coin to commemorate the veterans of the World War I. April Stafford, the chief of design development at the Mint, shared details about the competition on Federal Drive with Tom Temin.