GSA close to IaaS awards

There is a new captain of the sky for the FedCloudBlog—FCB to all our followers.

We still will focus on news that matters to agencies and contractors, and will include audio as we have it, but most importantly, we will bring you what you and your colleagues are saying in the IT community about cloud computing and where it’s heading over the next 3-6-12 months.

FCB also wants to hear from you…what are your thoughts…complaints…concerns…what’s going on in the world of cloud that is getting you excited—or depressed.

So given that’s FCB’s new mission…away we go…

FCB ran into Ed O’Hare from the General Services Administration, Federal Acquisition Service last week—don’t worry FCB didn’t hurt him, bada bing—and he gave us a little update on the status of the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) request for quote issued in May.

O’Hare said the awards will be made before the end of August…umm doesn’t that mean by tomorrow? So FCB will be checking with Ed to find out what the deal is.

In the meantime, vendors and agencies should be on the lookout for the next cloud RFQ coming soon to a schedule contract near you.

Actually, Ed didn’t tell FCB about the approach GSA would take, BUT be prepared for GSA to issue a solicitation for e-mail-as-a-service in the next few months.

GSA is building off its internal e-mail to the cloud RFP.

FCB knows more about GSA’s timing for award on that procurement, but alas, you will have to check back another time. We don’t want to build too high of expectations on the first day, do we?