DorobekINSIDER: Most read 1.31 through 2.6: GSA’s Johnson, snow, pay raise, cyber-war

The most read stories from the week of January 31-February 6, 2010… on the, on the Daily Debrief with Chris Dorobek and Amy Morris, for Mike Causey, and for…

…from the

  1. DorobekINSIDER: GSA will have to wait until at least Thursday for any Johnson action
  2. DorobekINSIDER: CA CIO Teri Takai to be named DOD CIO
  3. DorobekInsider: Sen. elect Brown: Feds making 2X the private sector
  4. DorobekINSIDER: Could Tuesday be GSA nominee Johnson’s V-Day?
  5. DorobekInsider: New GSA deputy administrator is finally official — Susan Brita to start Feb. 2
  6. DorobekInsider: Most read for the month of January 2010 – Germain, TSP, pay freeze and Causey
  7. DorobekInsider: Johnson’s GSA nomination moves one step closer with cloture
  8. DorobekINSIDER: Why Brown’s ‘feds make double the private sector’ comparison is no
  9. DorobekINSIDER: Welcome to the new GSA administrator, Martha N. Johnson
  10. DorobekInsider: Did the President all-but mention GSA administrator nominee Johnson at the State of Union?
  11. DorobekINSIDER: GSA’s Martha Johnson to be sworn in Tuesday, Feb. 9
  12. DorobekINSIDER: Operation Jump Start is a GO for tonight
  13. DorobekInsider EXCLUSIVE: NASA scores Gardner as the new Goddard CIO
  14. DorobekInsider recommended event: Operation Jump Start VI – helping transitioning soldiers
  15. DorobekInsider: GSA chief of staff Germain steps down, no replacement named
  16. DorobekInsider EXCLUSIVE: USDA undertakes extensive management reorg – downgrading the CIO, CFO
  17. DorobekInsider: White House names Leeds as GSA’s new acting administrator
  18. DorobekInsider: USDA gets approval for employee buy outs from OPM as mega-management reorg continues
  19. DorobekInsider: Federal News Radio Countdown for January 29, 2010: What are the top government stori
  20. DorobekINSIDER: By the numbers: Why Brown’s ‘feds make double the private sector’
  21. DorobekInsider: Could GSA nominee Johnson be headed to a Senate vote?

from the Daily Debrief with Chris Dorobek and Amy Morris

  1. OPM makes call on snow closings
  2. Earnings down for many TSP accounts in January
  3. How OPM will make the call on snow closings
  4. FY 2011 budget revealed, DHS sees increases
  5. ODNI director Blair: Recent cyber attacks are ‘wake-up call’
  6. Best practices gained from NextGen deployment
  7. TSP participants can now move money from other accounts
  8. Thursday Afternoon Federal Newscast
  9. On pay raises and what feds really earn
  10. Analysis: Johnson becomes GSA administrator
  11. Avaya Government Solutions completes road map
  12. Analysis: How government can prevent a bioterror attack
  13. Virtual USA enters second phase of regional operating pilot
  14. Dept. of Labor uses cloud solution for financial management
  15. Recovery Board re-launches Web site
  16. Congress will debate TSP contributions this session
  17. Web series on agency leadership development debuts
  18. Now a good time to review where your money is in the TSP
  19. Report suggests mentality on information sharing should change
  20. Bonasaro hints Senior Executive Service might be in trouble
  21. New report from McAfee/CSIS warns of constant cyber attacks
  22. FY 2011 technology budget details
  23. NASA’s FY 2011 budget: What’s next?
  24. House bill calls for cyber workforce report
  25. Mars rover Spirit: Stuck but not forgotten
  26. Analysis: What Johnson will face if confirmed
  27. What President Obama’s speech means for you
  28. All TSP funds see gains in 2009
  29. Your Turn preview: How to move money into your TSP
  30. Sen. Feinstein calls for international cyber accord
  31. D.C. Council member discusses Northrop Grumman move
  32. Navy is the latest agency to create a cyber command
  33. Cyber czar Schmidt on cloud; Congress investigating hacks
  34. Analysis: The budget freeze & your agency
  35. TSP funds see slow but steady gains in 2009
  36. Bill would trade time served for education in cybersecurity
  37. Senior Medicare Patrol works to prevent Medicare fraud
  38. Friday Afternoon Federal Newscast
  39. Will GSA administrator nominee Martha Johnson ever be confirmed?
  40. Wednesday Afternoon Federal Newscast
  41. Nortel Government Solutions is now Avaya Government Solutions
  42. GITECC retools focus to front-line CIO’s
  43. Security and privacy in the cloud; NIST gets cybersecurity funds
  44. DDOT’s Twitter use keeps department ahead of blizzard cleanup
  45. Blue Dogs weigh in on budget
  46. Tuesday Afternoon Federal Newscast
  47. Operation Jump Start to help troops next week
  48. Cyber czar Schmidt details priorities
  49. Your Turn preview: How big is your TSP?

…for Mike Causey’s Federal Report

  1. Snow Day: May Day!
  2. 2011 Pay Raise: Coulda Been Worse
  3. 2011 Pay Pitch: Look For a Low Ball
  4. Diet Pay Raise/No-Cal COLAs
  5. The Roth Option & Your Estate
  6. 2011 Pay Raise, The Magic Number Is…
  7. Life After NSPS: A GS 14, Step 15?
  8. Retirees $250 Tax Credit
  9. Is Your Pension a Target?
  10. TSP Changes Timetable

… and from

  1. White House proposes 1.4 percent pay raise
  2. Martha Johnson confirmed as GSA Administrator
  3. Government needs to define cyber war
  4. DHS completes roadmap for change
  5. OMB finally details broad management doctrine
  6. TSP Snapshot: Look past the thorns of January
  7. White House IT budget request lower in 2011
  8. Blue Dog Dems hound President on budget priorities
  9. A spending plan that tries to cover all the bases
  10. Archivist details challenges of massive declassification job
  11. OMB to dash(board) to better management
  12. Is there a central travel office in DHS’ future?
  13. Federal R&D efforts could get boost
  14. Agencies recycle, reuse 16 million pounds of electronics
  15. FY 2011 budget: What are agencies asking?
  16. What the State of the Union means for feds
  17. DHS CIO taking on IT governance
  18. Privacy not taking back seat to security, cyberchief says
  19. Exec. order breaks new ground in declassification
  20. More vendors gaining relief from protests
  21. Federal News Radio Reports
  22. Senate: Con artists are using stimulus scams to fleece citizens
  23. House bill calls for cyber workforce report
  24. Federal government closed Monday due to snow
  25. President to order pay freeze
  26. TSP Snapshot: Your money, working hard
  27. State reviews priorities and policies
  28. OPM says safety is paramount in government closure decisions
  29. Protest of TSA IT contract sustained
  30. GSA releases FY 2010 per diem rates
  31. Federal government closed Dec. 21st due to snow
  32. Schmidt answers doubters as cyber czar
  33. Salary Council suggests locality pay increase for 2011
  34. Fed insurance carriers meeting health IT standards
  35. OPM to get help digitizing personnel records
  36. Agencies to justify not using cloud computing to OMB
  37. DHS deciding on future of SBInet
  38. OPM relaunches jobs website
  39. Section: WFED Stories
  40. OMB’s new performance framework to combine the best of the past
  41. OMB details approach to program evaluations
  42. DoD makes it official: FCS is cancelled
  43. Budget would cap pay raises for feds
  44. DISA wants collaboration marbled through enterprise
  45. GAO sees more bid protests in 2009
  46. EXCLUSIVE: OMB guidance sets technology tone for 2010, beyond
  47. Agencies going green and saving green
  48. Agencies open under unscheduled leave policy on Tuesday
  49. OMB to give agencies plan to modernize services
  50. Agency cybersecurity reporting to get makeover


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