• This week's Your Turn guest is estate attorney Tom O’Rourke, a former IRS attorney who now works exclusively on things such as wills, powers-of-attorney, medical directives and trusts, which some would say most people should have.

  • Terry Gerton, president of NAPA, and Bill Valdez, president of the Senior Executives Association, detail three steps Congress and the Trump administration could take to ensure a reliable and fully functional government.

  • Guest commentator Jeff Neal explains why his long-time optimism about working for the federal government may be fading if another shutdown happens this month or in October.

  • The most important thing is usable information that's easy to find. Some agencies fall short.

  • Senior Correspondent Mike Causey recently received an email from a listener with $1.2 million in the Thrift Savings Plan and made on his second move of funds last September.

  • Federal agencies are reportedly suffering glitches to get back pay to essential and furloughed employees from the recent partial government shutdown.

  • Roger Waldron examines GSA’s unique opportunity to leverage e-commerce to increase best value deliverables, foster economic growth and expand federal customers' access to commercial solutions.

  • The typical federal worker has been through at least four shutdowns. Another may happen as soon as this month, so we asked a long-time U.S. Postal Service worker in Florida and financial coach, to dig into his memory bank.

  • Being loyal to the Constitution and serving the people means public servants have different priorities than someone working in the private sector.

  • Imagine asking for a $100 grant or gift from a charity because you desperately need it to fill the tank with gas so you could get to a job where you were not getting paid?

  • Tom Temin outlines why recent cloud strategies released by the Defense Department read more like a way of backing into what the department has already been doing in cloud computing.

  • John Kreger, a vice president for public sector programs at MITRE’s Center for Programs and Technology, details four steps to unlock the power of intelligence interoperability.

  • If you have a Thrift Savings Plan account what did you do in December when the high-flying stock market, after wobbling a couple months, dropped big time? Financial planner Arthur Stein has some ideas on today's episode of Your Turn.

  • For the past decade the number of self-made millionaires in the federal Thrift Savings Plan has been growing steadily. peaking in September. But the last quarter of 2018 saw the market fall.

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