Graphic By: Derace LauderdaleCybersecurity

Compliance in 2024: Cutting through the noise

Chief information security officers, in particular, face an uphill battle with compliance mandates.

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Cybersecurity concept

NIST issues digital identity update allowing agencies to use synced passkeys

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HHS, cybersecurity, Administration of Children and families,The Department of Health and Human Services building

A look into whether one HHS component is properly securing its cloud information systems

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cybersecurity maturity model certification

The next security update: What you need to know about the newest version of NIST 800-171

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Getty Images/iStockphoto/djedzuratechnology trends 2024,

These 6 technology trends can help power government in 2024

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zero trust, cybersecurity defense shield on blue background

The open standard that is unlocking zero trust collaboration with allies

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Cybersecurity Microsoft

CISA directs agencies to investigate if Russian hackers stole Microsoft account details

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DHS leadership

Since February, DHS has received over 3,000 applications for new AI Corps

DHS is aiming to hire 50 experts to help its components responsibly develop and adopt artificial intelligence.

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CYBERCOM, U.S. Cyber command

CYBERCOM considers options for future force generation model

CYBERCOM also has ‘enhanced budget control’ over cyber forces thanks to the fiscal 2024 appropriations bill, as officials craft plans for ‘CYBERCOM 2.0.’

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IT modernization, TMF

TMF Board invests $47M in projects at NASA, Labor

The Technology Modernization Fund handed out more than $47 million to NASA and the Labor Department for cybersecurity and application modernization projects.

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