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Don’t hide, or lose, your estate!

One of the best things anyone can do for loved ones left behind is to make official plans for how you want your estate to be handled.

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Getty Images/Ingram Publishing/Ingram PublishingHigh angle view of business executives walking through a revolving door

The great agency reopening debates continue

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Retirement Day Date Circled Calendar Countdown Stop Working 3d Illustration

Boost your Social Security 68% — this is not a drill!

If federal retirees wait until age 70 to collect Social Security, their monthly benefits could see a big increase.

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A quick COLA catch-up

Consumer prices are going up and up, which is a good sign if you’re hoping for a high cost of living adjustment next January.

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Amelia Brust/Federal News Networktelework

Common sense is great. Will it apply to telework policy?

Mass telework occurred overnight. But policies for post-pandemic telework could take months longer.

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Aug 03, 2021 Close Change YTD*
L Income 23.1641 0.0345 8.17%
L 2025 11.9943 0.0346 16.95%
L 2030 42.4322 0.1611 21.24%
L 2035 12.7580 0.0529 23.38%
L 2040 48.3298 0.2174 25.57%
L 2045 13.2532 0.0635 27.50%
L 2050 29.0603 0.1477 29.45%
L 2055 14.3079 0.0878 36.39%
L 2060 14.3080 0.0879 36.38%
L 2065 14.3080 0.0878 36.38%
G Fund 16.6381 0.0005 1.09%
F Fund 21.1742 0.0007 -0.52%
C Fund 66.3806 0.5403 36.42%
S Fund 84.7405 0.2437 51.07%
I Fund 39.3039 0.1902 30.49%
Closing price updated at approx 6pm ET each business day. More at tsp.gov
* YTD data is updated on the last day of the month.