• More Feds Join Club Millionaire!!!

    Believe it or not, the federal Thrift Savings Plan has more than 100 investors with 7-figure accounts. So, is there a 401k-plan millionaire in the next cubicle…or maybe in your car pool? Mike Causey has the numbers.

  • Your NestEgg: Decoding the TSP

    If you work for Uncle Sam chances are you know somebody, in fact lots of people, who are investing in the best 401k plan in America. So who is the lucky person? Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says look in the mirror, then listen to his Your Turn radio show at 10 a.m. today.

  • New Year, new debt management plan

    It’s a New Year and a new strategy on debt management. CPA Freddie Cook joins hosts Bob Leins and Tammy Flanagan to give advice about how to get your finances in order.January 3, 2011

  • For Your Benefit celebrates 5th anniversary

    Join hosts Bob Leins, Tammy Flanagan, John Elliott, and Ann Vincent for their fifth anniversary show. Special guest Mike Causey will also be there. December 20, 2010

  • How to not outlive your retirement funds

    Once you retire, you want to enjoy it. That means a long, healthy life. So, how do you not outlive your retirement funds? Advice from Certified Financial Planner Arthur Stein.

  • Federal managers mixed on need for pay freeze

    Bryan Klopack, director of research at the Government Business Council, discussed a recent survey of federal managers by Government Executive on the impact of the impending pay freeze.

  • How the Voluntary Contribution Program works

    Federal benefits expert Tammy Flanagan joins host Mike Causey with details on the Voluntary Contribution Program. They’ll discuss how it works, who can join it, and how it would work with a Roth option. December 15, 2010 (Encore Presentation)

  • Retiring soon? How to evaluate your nest egg

    If you’re retiring in the next five to 10 years but need to bulk up your nest egg, start thinking about these things now, the Wall Street Journal reports: Estimate how much you will need…

  • Monday marks last day of open season 2010

    December 13 is the final day feds can make changes to their health care plans so tune in for some last minute advice. Colleen Murphy of Asparity Decision Solutions and Al Schubert with VSP are the guests. December 13, 2010

  • Open Season crunch time: One week to go

    Hosts Bob Leins and John Elliott welcome back Walton Francis, Editor, Checkbook Guide to the Health Plans for Federal Employees to discuss health plan cost changes this open season. December 6, 2010

  • SAMBA discusses open season options

    Our discussion on open season continues with Walt Wilson and Pam Cummings from SAMBA Federal Employee Benefit Association. November 29, 2010

  • Aetna discusses open season options

    Tom Bernatavitz, head of Federal Plans for Aetna, joins hosts Tammy Flanagan and Bob Leins to discuss Aetna’s health benefit plans for federal employees. November 22, 2010

  • Planning To Retire? Have a Cash Stash!

    December and January are good months to retire. You can get paid for maximum unused annual leave at a higher rate. But, says Senior Correspondent Mike Causey, be advised that you will need a stash of cash to tide you over until you start getting a full annuity check.

  • Kaiser Permanente discusses Open Season options

    John Patrick, Director of Sales and Account Management for FEHB, and Jeff Goldman, Executive Director of Government Programs for Kaiser Permanente join For Your Benefit for a discussion on Open Season. November 15, 2010