• No easy way to measure federal employee compensation, CBO says

    Senators sent the Congressional Budget Office a series of questions related to its recent study comparing federal employee compensation to the private sector. But senators won’t find much clarity or many concrete conclusions from CBO’s responses.

  • When your bosses are millionaires

    What’s it like to work for the world’s largest nonprofit whose top brass are mostly millionaires looking to cut your pay and pension?

  • For second time this year, OPM warns of scam targeting federal annuitants

    The Office of Personnel Management is warning federal annuitants of a second scam this year. This time, companies are offering cash payments in exchange for all or part of a federal employee’s future annuity payment. OPM’s Office of Inspector General is also continuing its 30-year push to get Congress to include the Federal Employee Health Benefits Program (FEHBP) in the Anti-Kickback Statute.

  • 100 House Democrats voice opposition to Trump’s proposed federal retirement cuts

    About 100 House Democrats wrote to Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), voicing their opposition over the president’s four major proposed changes to federal retirement. The administration included the proposals in the fiscal 2018 budget proposal and would have a significant impact on both current and future federal employees and retirees.

  • Defining your retirement objectives: What are you saving for?

    Tom Walker, founder of Walker Capital Preservation Group, Inc., outlines basic questions every federal employee should ask themselves as they develop their plan for retirement.

  • Drop in new claims allows OPM to catch up on retirement claims backlog

    The Office of Personnel Management took advantage of the lowest number of new retirement claims since December 2016 to reduce its backlog by nearly 3,000 claims. OPM’s retirement backlog currently sits at 16,140 claims, the lowest number yet in 2017.

  • TSP board to move L fund to 5-year increments

    The Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board, the agency that administers the Thrift Savings Plan, is also keeping a close eye on 2018 budget process. The board says the proposed changes to the federal retirement system included in the president’s budget request could have significant impacts for retirees and how they participate in the TSP.

  • Details emerging for EPA’s early retirement, incentive payouts

    Environmental Protection Agency acting Deputy Administrator Mike Flynn said more details about what positions are included in the VERA/VSIP program will be available this summer.

  • May TSP returns continue positive streak, minus one negative outlier

    While one fund took an unexpected downturn into the red, the rest of the federal retirement funds generally posted higher returns last month or remained relatively unchanged.

  • How to lose (at least) 5.2 million votes

    President Donald Trump’s new budget has many federal employees seeing red, as in Republican, and feeling blue, as in Democratic. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey explains why.

  • One-term Trump?

    Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says Trump should keep his hands off the federal retirement program, at least if he wants to stay in power.

  • 12 key takeaways from the 2018 budget that could affect you

    Have you read so much about the proposed 2018 budget that you feel like your head will explode? Do you just want to know which provisions would affect you, but are having trouble separating it from all the rest? Federal News Radio has boiled it all down to some key takeaways all federal employees need to know. If you read nothing else about the budget, read this.

  • Retirement life after COLAs disappear

    Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says current and future federal retirees would lose thousands of dollars in cost-of-living benefits if Congress goes along with the president’s plan to put them on a zero-COLA plan.

  • Your benefits package from A to Z

    Do you know what’s in your federal benefits package? If not you should. Federal benefits expert Tammy Flanagan will explain why when she joins host Mike Causey on this week’s Your Turn. May 31, 2017