Are you ready to scale trustworthy artificial intelligence at your agency?

Federal work on AI, machine learning and data-intensive pilots and projects is not new. But the White House’s October 2023 executive order on secure development of AI — coupled with congressional bills aimed at ensuring security and privacy remain chief focuses — has created a new set of priorities for agencies going forward. 

During Federal News Network’s inaugural AI & Data Exchange, presented by Guidehouse, government and industry experts shared insights and progress on AI work and discussed how to address the related challenges that all agencies face.

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Day 1: Meeting the AI mandate

1:00 pm - 1:14 pm

Federal keynote: OSTP's Austin Bonner on developing policy that keeps pace with technology

Moderated by Jory Heckman

Austin Bonner of White House OSTP
1:15 pm - 1:37 pm

Industry insight: Guidehouse's Bassel Haidar on exploring versus fearing generative AI

Moderated by Tom Temin

Bassel Haidar of Guidehouse
1:38 pm - 2:06 pm

Federal keynote: Sen. Mark Warner on taking advantage of AI safely, ensuring involvement of federal workers

Moderated by Tom Temin

Sen. Mark Warner (Virginia)
2:07 pm - 2:20 pm

Industry insight: IBM's Ryan Macaleer on value of building upon foundational AI work

Moderated by Jason Miller

Ryan Macaleer of IBM
2:21 pm - 2:35 pm

Industry insight: Pluralsight's Tony Holmes on making generative AI your data-driven co-pilot

Moderated by Jory Heckman

Tony Holmes of Pluralsight

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Austin Bonner of White House OSTP

Austin Bonner

Deputy U.S. Chief Technology Officer for Policy

White House Office of Science and Technology Policy

Sen. Mark Warner (Virginia)

Sen. Mark Warner

Chairman, Select Committee on Intelligence

U.S. Senate

Kathleen Fisher of DARPA

Kathleen Fisher

Director, Information Innovation Office


Matthew Graviss of US State Department

Matthew Graviss

Chief Data and AI Officer

State Department

Susan Gregurick

Associate Director for Data Science and Director, Office of Data Science Strategy


Bassel Haidar of Guidehouse

Bassel Haidar

Director, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


Tracy Jones of Guidehouse

Tracy Jones

Associate Director, Data Management


Ryan Macaleer of IBM

Ryan Macaleer

Vice President, Data and AI Technology, U.S. Federal Market


Jim Smid of Palo Alto Networks

Jim Smid

DoD and Intelligence Community Field Chief Technology Officer

Palo Alto Networks

Tony Holmes of Pluralsight

Tony Holmes

Practice Lead for Solutions Architects, Public Sector


Kurt Steege

Chief Technology Officer

ThunderCat Technology

Art Villanueva

Chief Artificial Intelligence Architect

Dell Technologies