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DevOps morphs into DevSecOps for built-in security

A sea change is occurring in the way federal agencies go about software development. More and more, they’re moving to the agile process. Agile is characterized by close interaction with the users of software so the ultimate delivery works as expected.

Agency techs are also adopting strategies of frequent and regular releases of discrete blocks of functionality. That’s know as DevOps, a handy way of saying development operations. Many of the individual steps in DevOps environments are automated, speeding things up and ensuring consistency.

DevOps is a proven route to modernizing of legacy applications and for developing them in a way that’s they’re natively cloud deployable.

The growing urgency of cybersecurity calls for programmers to make security an inherent quality of software, one that persists when modules are combined to build systems or when they are reused in different systems. A growing number of development teams find containerization and microservices technologies enable production of software that meets both cloud and security imperatives. Used in a DevOps environment, the result might be called DevSecOps.



Current Agency Software Projects

We are aggressively moving what few systems we have left in data centers to the cloud. Therefore, the adoption of more modern software development practices [is] very important to us.


Rapid Delivery of Software Code

What we’ve been looking at is how can we take advantage of cloud number one, containerized environments number two, and platform standardization number three. Security has to be up front.


The Journey to Automation

By decoupling those larger components of the application, we can be much more agile and DevSecOps friendly in the way we’re developing apps. The authentication team can be over here doing their job, while folks doing some other part of the business logic can be over there doing theirs.


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