Federal employees need professional liability insurance

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This content is sponsored by Starr Wright USA

Federal employees are turning to a unique form of insurance to protect their families and careers.

Federal employee professional liability insurance, a form of insurance that covers the costs of legal defenses for federal employees, is the latest tool for federal government workers to protect their careers, reputations and families from expensive legal fees. In the current legal climate for federal employees, FEPLI fills an important niche.

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission announced in February that about 90,000 workplace discrimination charges were filed in fiscal year 2017. These cases alone secured more than $400 million for claimants.

If those numbers seem high, it is because any federal employee can be the target of a lawsuit for actions that stem from their job performance. Coworkers, special interest groups or even members of the public can bring actions or file complaints against a federal government employee.

But the charges do not stop there. A federal government employee can be sued for everything from an accusation of misuse of government funds to an Equal Employment Opportunity complaint.

While it seems natural that the federal government would help an employee defend themselves from potentially devastating lawsuits, the Department of Justice may choose not to provide an employee with legal defense, leaving the defendants helpless.

FEPLI Protects the Most Vulnerable Employees

Employees whose careers involve large amounts of time with the public are especially vulnerable. Customs and border protection, law enforcement, and immigration and customs enforcement employees are at exceptional risk.

In 1995, congress recognized the necessity of FEPLI by passing section 642 of Public Law 106-58, requiring agencies to reimburse up to 50 percent of FEPLI premiums to certain qualified employees, making the insurance even more affordable.

While risk factors vary between employees, FEPLI protection is now available to current and former federal workers, including:

  • Executive, Judicial and Legislative Branch Employees
  • Law Enforcement Officials and Officers
  • Military Federal Civilian Employees
  • Federal Contractors
  • Intelligence and Defense Agency Employees
  • Union Employees and Stewards
  • Judges and Attorneys
  • Doctors, Nurses and Other Healthcare Professionals

Coverage for Every Situation

FEPLI covers three types of protection against liability: Administrative, civil and criminal.

Administrative complaints often include EEO actions, OIG/OSC investigations, whistleblower complaints or ethics investigations. In such cases, FEPLI coverage may provide the employee with legal advice and representation through the investigative or disciplinary process.

Civil actions may commonly include constitutional torts, personal capacity lawsuits or Bivens actions. In the case of a civil lawsuit, FEPLI coverage provides legal services.

For criminal charges, FEPLI coverage provides legal defense.

FEPLI offers both legal defense coverage and indemnity coverage for administrative, civil and criminal claims.

A Simple Solution to a Complex Problem

Starr Wright USA invented FEPLI in 1965. Since then, the insurance provider has provided legal defense to countless defendants for a myriad of claims.

From baseless discrimination or harassment accusations, retaliation claims or expensive liabilities, FEPLI provides the protection and coverage federal employees need to safeguard their financial stability, career and well-being.

Whether you are innocent or guilty, lawsuits and claims targeting federal employees can be financially, socially and professionally catastrophic. Visit and safeguard your legacy.

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