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Securely managing access and identity in government

Improving cybersecurity for the federal government starts with identity management. The government’s unique challenge is to incorporate traditional identification methods, like PIV and CAC, into new systems that may include mobile as well as cloud applications.

Radiant Logic’s decades of experience give it the depth of understanding to assist in many challenges inherent in complex identity management. For example, a user may have privileges for a document that may expire. What happens when a person transfers to a different agency, how is their identity managed?

Radiant Logic’s differentiator is a three-letter phrase called “federated identity service.” This gives system administrators the flexibility to handle identity management quickly and safely.


The application has to authenticate its users. It has to understand enough about the user to make appropriate access decisions.

Fine Grain Access

Fine grained access is becoming a priority because one of the things that these agencies have started to realize is, it's not enough anymore to provide a role, and put everyone in that role because it just doesn't work from an authorization perspective.

Case Studies and Future Indications

When somebody joins the organization, I want them to have these rights. When somebody leaves, or changes their function, or role, or title, I want to change their access rights. And certainly, when they leave, I want to revoke everything that they have.

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