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How hybrid cloud is changing the models for security, meeting mission goals

The adoption of a hybrid cloud model leads agencies down the path of creating an approach to security that is based on the zero trust model, where identity mana...

Agencies have a rare opportunity with the Modernizing Government Technology (MGT) Act to begin the journey off of legacy systems that many times are hard to secure and don’t provide the services to citizens many expect.

If MGT gave agencies the legislative and policy spark, the technology evolution over the past decade–whether it’s cloud or agile or dev/ops or robotics processing automation–is giving agencies the fuel to create the fire.

And that fire is burning hotter. Bloomberg Government found in late 2017 that over the last four years, agencies have spent more than $7.3 billion on cloud computing services, including $1.8 billion in 2017, which is double the amount spent just five years ago.

The move to the cloud offers the ability for agencies to move to the “as-a-service” model for everything from human resources to financial management to mission critical systems.

At the same time, software is driving agencies to take advantage of automation in the cloud, which leads to better security, more capabilities and cost savings.

The adoption of a hybrid cloud model also leads agencies down the path of creating an approach to security that is based on the zero trust model, where identity management helps define who has access and how that access is defined to specific data and applications.


Strategy Around Cloud Computing

Fundamentally what cloud was is no longer what it is. It’s sort of like agencies were playing baseball and the game changed and now they are playing hockey. We’re seeing this shift to hybrid. That model that agencies had in the mind of lifting-and-shifting a data center to the cloud has been blown part in a brave new world of a hybrid environment.


The New Model

We’ve saved a couple millions of dollars over the last few years by just paying for the services we use. The same thing for backups. We only pay for what we back up and not an entire data center. Pay as you go, you would wonder if it will cost more, but it actually allows you to say this is how much this service costs.


The Model of Security

This innovation in cloud is not going to stop. If anything, it will continue to accelerate. We will see new types of services agencies will be able to take advantage of. We are continuing to learn more and more about how we can harness the power and how we can use this add even greater agility and resiliency.

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