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The building blocks of IT transformation

Cloud is transforming the workplace by letting us view the concept of work in a much different manner. The tools have become smaller from smartphones to tablets, and software is running our lives. Some estimate that by 2020, 25 percent of all software will be in the cloud as-a-service.

Over the last decade, one thing that became clear was cloud doesn’t mean the same for everyone. Some believe cloud means an on-premise shared infrastructure. For others it means, an all or mostly all off premise public or commercial cloud.

Many experts predict agencies will live in a hybrid world where they have some data and applications on premise and others off premise.

This multi-cloud, multi-vendor environment gives agencies the opportunity to drive down costs and increase capabilities.

And embracing that infrastructure architecture also means agencies will rely more and more on software to manage the different instances of cloud services.

As more and more agencies move to the cloud, success will be defined by how easily employees can access data and applications to meet their mission goals.

Cloud Strategy

We are going hard and fast right now on cloud, and it is about multi-cloud strategies and multi-vendor strategies. We are going to put our cloud providers in a competitive situation, I’m going to have multi-vendors and multi-clouds.

Data Center Consolidation and Workforce Transformation

We did something nobody thought we could do, and that probably included me at the time, we actually in a 90-day window deployed out more than 35,000 new cellphones to our workforce and rolled out Office 365 email at the same time. It’s already making a difference in how we are operating.

Moving Away from Desktop

The actual paper that was written around IT transformation for this administration is pretty exceptional and really gives a roadmap to a lot of people to fundamentally know the building blocks for IT transformation.

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Panel of experts

  • Scott Bean

    Assistant Director, Information Technology Infrastructure Division, Federal Bureau of Investigation

  • Vicki Hildebrand

    Chief Information Officer, Department of Transportation

  • Jean Edwards

    Executive Director, Federal Sales, Civilian Strategic Programs, Dell EMC

  • Troy Massey

    Director, Enterprise Engagements, Iron Bow Technologies

  • Jason Miller

    Executive Editor,