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Using the cloud to move toward a secure, agile government

Over the last eight years since the cloud-first policy, one thing has become clear success in moving to the cloud depends mainly understanding what applications...

Over the last eight years since the cloud-first policy, one thing has become clear, success in moving to the cloud depends mainly on understanding what applications you have today and rationalizing them for the future.

It’s one thing to move email or public websites, but true success with the cloud come by reducing costs, getting better cybersecurity and being agile, flexible and improving capabilities.

Agencies seem to have settled on a hybrid strategy in moving to the cloud, using the commercial cloud for some less critical services, and a government-only commercial cloud or on-premise cloud for other more sensitive services.

“Most of our customers understand their drivers, but it’s a prioritization to help them achieve those results,” said Angie Heise, the president of the Civil Group for Leidos, who added her company has done about 1,000 cloud migration internally and across all customer sets.


Cloud Strategy

We are really on that course to synchronize our app rationalization, our data center closures to make that not a four or five step process, but a short burst of success.”


Network Challenges and Business Value

As you move stuff to the cloud, you can put layers of applications, data applications, machine learning on top of it so you are only pulling down the information that is really decision quality as opposed to bulk load data that you have to have some local application to do the analysis on.


The Vision for IT Modernization

The vision for IT is that of a mobile diplomat to be able to leverage the cloud, to access accurate and up to date information to conduct transactions or exchange data securely from any device, anytime and from anywhere in the world.


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