Insight By Leidos And Amazon Web Services

Delivering on the promise of the cloud

Federal information technology has been forced to change in 2018. Because federal systems are so complex, improvements must be handled in a manner that addresses the entire enterprise, and not a single application.

Amazon Web Services has partnered with Leidos to solve systems integration problems that provide flexibility and security for federal agencies. The role of Leidos is actively listening to federal IT challenges. From there, they determine the most cost-effective solution that ensures redundancy and cybersecurity.

It seems obvious we can’t use a ten-year-old solution to solve today’s problems with big data and cyber security. Years ago, increased storage may have solved a problem. Today, large organizations must assume storage prices have dropped and much larger issues like dependencies and security must be addressed.

When Leidos works with Amazon Web Services, they know they have a head start because the transformation can take place in an environment that has passed rigorous security requirements. Leidos can focus entirely on understanding systems requirements and how changes will impact the entire organization.

The amount of data collected today is forcing a more systematic approach to managing networks. Automation is applied to federal information technology and productivity can increase when humans take on the role of analyst and rely on tools and systems for rote work.

Automation can also free agencies to work with peers to share information on cyber threats.  An automated system can absorb data and structure it in a manner where it can not only scale but be shared in a secure fashion.

Motivation for Innovation

The key is how do I smartly apply data analytics, smartly store that data and, then, apply analytics in order to get value out of it.

Digital Transformation

Enterprise solution is something that these agencies are moving forward with. It's being driven not only by the large datasets, but also the usability of these datasets and pulling them together in ways that we can better serve the citizens.

Data Sharing with AI and Machine Learning

But the idea of applying AI and making that data available in commercial cloud formats then allows agencies to discover and combine that data together.


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Featured speakers

  • Brett McMillen

    Director, Federal Government, Amazon Web Services

  • Keith Johnson

    Chief Technology Officer and Chief Engineer, Defense and Intelligence Group, Leidos

  • John Gilroy

    Host of Federal Tech Talk, Federal News Network

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