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Innovation and automation in the world of federal contracting

All the innovation in the world will not benefit the federal community unless there are new, creative ways to acquire it. The National Association of Contract Management (NCMA) has recently released a white paper titled, “Preparing for the Future of Contracting,” that makes some bold predictions about the future.

The survey shows that today’s contracting professional will have to become a subject matter expert in new fields like machine learning, supply chain systems and even artificial intelligence in order to adapt to the changing landscape.

Technologies like robotic process automation will take the burden of the monotonous tasks off the desks of acquisition professionals. This will free up time to concentrate on more strategic issues instead of repetitive tasks like compliance and working as a partner to solve business problems in today’s federal agency.

Kraig Conrad, chief executive officer of NCMA, recently joined Federal News Network to provide insights on new developments in contracting.


The Future of Government Contracting

As the world is throwing complicated problems at us faster and more frequently than ever, our senior procurement leaders increase their concern. They want the profession to become solution drivers, not just buyers and rule enforcers.


Technology of Contracting

A good example, HHS Accelerate is successful at combining machine learning, natural language processing and blockchain, and ultimately laying over the top of that, the data analytics required to its contracting function.


Workforce Changes

We've entered perhaps the most exciting era of contracting transformation in the history of the federal government. Just look around, every agency is taking on new and interesting things. There is so much change in experimentation, in the works.

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