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Protecting warehouse networks while ensuring speed

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Government agencies and businesses are taking different approaches to warehouse management in the 21st century, one that puts emphasis on connected networks and access to the internet.

While that interconnectedness allows for faster shipments and new technologies like Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), it also opens up more access points for hackers and malicious actors to get into those networks.

Harold Reeves, Senior Manager of Products and Strategy at Zebra Technologies, says organizations need to consider many factors  to keep their warehouse management systems safe.

For example, devices with a Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG)  validation is required for DoD agencies. “STIG is a document that helps our DoD customers configure and implement technology on their secure networks,” Reeves said in a discussion sponsored by Zebra Technologies. “Meeting DoD requirements ensures government customers that the technology meets critical security validations such as FIPS 140-2 and Common Criteria certification, which Zebra has attained for its Android 10 device portfolio.”

Keeping systems safe means control over upgrades and patches

Reeves said the Android operating system is extremely useful for IT staff to manage their enterprise grade technological strategy.  “An enterprise grade Android OS allows the IT staff to be in control of upgrades and updates.  For example, you might need an aggressive patching strategy and require patches on a 30-day cadence, or even more frequently if something happens in the industry. Alternatively, you might want to pause an upgrade or even roll back to a previous version. With the right partner, both scenarios can be done without having to recall devices and ever physically touching them.”

With the Window CE and Windows Mobile OS platforms having reached their end of life, but still being used on many devices, it could open up potential security issues for agencies that continue to use mobile devices running these platforms. Newer devices running an enterprise-grade Android OS that have third-party security validations, offer easy-to-use management capabilities, and have better performance, will provide government agencies the opportunity to optimize their operational efficiencies and help secure their networks.

Government warehouse managers should consider adopting an IT strategy that includes rugged mobile devices running an enterprise-grade Android OS for their operations.

Android Migration and Device Evaluation

When we go in and harden the Android operating system, it's with an ear to what makes sense for the deployment that our customers are facing. A hardened operating system strategy is one that allows the IT staff to be in control.

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