Digital Modernization: Enterprise Modernization

If it could, the Air Force would prefer to have airmen and guardians only perform the work they need to do – and find other solutions where possible.

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Several years ago, EPA CIO Vaughn Noga and his team established a set of “wildly important goals” which he said have strengthened since the pandemic.

For the Air Force’s enterprise IT and cyber infrastructure division, connecting airmen and guardians with the data they need along the entire transactional path, to do their mission, is the focus.

Steve Wallace, systems innovation scientist at the Defense Information Systems Agency, said DoD needs to apply DevSecOpps-type processes across the board, in order to have smaller micro deployments.

Agencies caught in the technical debt of outdated technologies are finding the soundest approach to modernization is not simply to upgrade technology for technology’s sake, but rather to approach modernization from the outside in.