Modernizing Citizen Experiences with Cloud Identity

CX is important. So is security. This is a discussion about both with two federal heavyweights from two very important agencies. Read more

The high-tech goes hand-in-hand with the high speed ways the world changes, as a constant challenge is staying a step ahead of hackers. Thus, maintaining identity, integrity and good customer service is the name of the game.

Ross Foard comes to his position at the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency with experience. Lots of it. His long and storied federal career has landed him at CISA as an IT and information security specialist. “It’s probably,” he said, his “most rewarding” position to date.

Customer experience and cybersecurity, frequently considered separate disciplines, are actually closely connected. One simple reason is that leaving constituents’ identities and data open to purloining is not good user experience.