Smart Base of the Future

The Department of Defense is aimed at creating the smart base of the future. Bases are essentially miniature cities, with all the same infrastructure needs like transportation, on-base personnel services and energy management, coupled with specific military needs. The idea is to use a 5G infrastructure to connect all of these elements, as well as cybersecurity and physical security, to become fully integrated and agile.

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The Air Force and the Defense Department writ large are expecting 5G to be a game changer in the way it delivers information and connects platforms.

As 5G is starting to roll out, telehealth may be breaking into a completely new plane. At Joint Base San Antonio (JBSA) the Air Force is testing capabilities that could be the future of medicine.

The Army is embarking on a handful of 5G tests that it hopes will bring the service into the future with networking technology.

As 5G begins to roll out in civilian and military spaces, the Defense Department is testing 5G networks at a handful of bases to ensure connectivity and security. Since last year, the Pentagon has had…